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What is landscape design?

Landscape design is a scaled, plan-view cad drawing of your property with proposed outdoor elements represented such as bed lines, patios, walks, fire pits, walls, and specific plant types to help you envision the potential look and function of your property.

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Getting Started

  • Contact us with a general scope of your project, i.e., curb appeal, plantings, patio fire pit, walls, or an all-encompassing layout of your property
  • If you can, provide a plot plan or property dimensions so that we can visualize the general size of your lot or the areas you’d like addressed. If you have photos, they’re helpful also.
  • Based on the information you’ve provided, the size and complexity, we can quote a general fee range.
  • Next, we can set-up a time to meet at the property to discuss your goals, budget, take measurements and gather site information.


Why is your budget so important?

In order to develop a realistic landscape plan, we need to know your budget to avoid over-designing your project. It can lead to great disappointment when a pretty plan costs way more than you have to spend and you just end up with a piece of paper and wasted time. Landscaping costs can vary greatly and is often times an unknown to many homeowners. Please don’t be skeptical of the question, our motive is to provide you with a realistic and creative landscape at or below your budget so that it’s a win-win situation rather than a frustrating and disappointing endeavor.

Design and Estimating

  • Depending on the season, turn-around time ranges between one to four weeks. At which time we will email you the design for review along with a cost estimate. We encourage you to thoroughly review the plan, write down comments, questions or ideas about modifications you would like to see. Once complete, we can set-up a meeting to discuss your thoughts.
  • Armed with your input, we will update and finalize your plan and estimate then forward them to you.

Landscape Build Service


  • When you’re ready to move forward with the implementation of your plan, contact your designer to write-up your contract and pay a deposit.
  • Upon receipt, we’ll submit a work order to our production department.
  • Project timing is dictated by the season, work-load, and weather. Generally, it takes between two to six weeks from the time your work order is submitted. For questions on timing, please contact our production department via email.
  • The start to finish times vary and are based on the size and complexity of your specific job. Please refer to your designer or our production department for a general completion time frame.
  • Upon completion, our accounting office will send you the final invoice.
  • Now it’s time to enjoy and nurture your new landscape!

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Design Fees


Front Yard Design $100.00-$300.00
Side Yard (each) $100.00-$200.00
Backyard Design $200.00-$600.00
Master Design (whole Property) $500.00 and up

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