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    Because sod needs water to stay alive, we can only offer a 24-hour guarantee.  It is guaranteed to be in good condition at the time of installation and sufficiently watered to survive the first 24-hours.  We recommend that you begin your watering program the same day your sod is installed so that it doesn’t dry out. For more info, check out the Wilson’s Turf website using the top-right link.


    Trees, shrubs, and perennials are warranted for a period of one year from initial installation.  Annuals, bulbs, and groundcover are not warranted.  Warranted items will only be replaced one time and are typically done in the Spring and Fall.


    Wilson Landscape Associates, LLC, warrants walls, patios, firepits, etc., for a period of one year.  This includes the physical product and the labor to replace the faulty material.  Soil settlement is not warranted as site construction disrupts the sub-soil and is beyond our control.


    Wilson Landscape Associates, LLC, warrants irrigation systems for a period of two years provided the homeowner contacts us for Spring Start-Ups (turning your system on) and Winterizations (preparing the pipes for winter weather).   Service of an irrigation system by another company voids the warranty.


    Wilson Landscape Associates, LLC, warrants plants to be true to name and in healthy condition when installed.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to provide sufficient water to maintain plant health and life.  See the Caring for Your Landscape for more information.  The warranty becomes void if plants die due to lack of water.

    Wilson Landscape Associates, LLC, assumes no responsibility for plants killed or damaged by insects, disease, animals, or acts of Mother Nature.  Plants experiencing seasonal die-back due to transplant shock may drop leaves to reduce transpiration, this does not constitute death and should be observed for new growth over time before a replacement is initiated.

    Transplanting and/or removal of plants will void the warranty, this includes dead plants.  If there is a question of viability please contact us so a member of our team can make a site visit to look at the plant(s) in question.  To expedite the process, you can upload a photo to the form above or simply email a photo to our warranty department at warranty@wilsonla.com.

    Wilson Landscape Associates, LLC, cannot warrant against weed growth in mulch or soil as weed seeds are present and prevalent in nature.